Juan De La Cruz

Writer | Director | Cinematographer

Born and raised in Los Angeles Juan has been infused with a passion for filmmaking from an early age. As a graduate of film school, Juan has several films under his belt in a variety of genres ranging from from drama to sci-fi to dark comedy. His work has been featured in multiple film festivals throughout the country.

Juan emphasizes substance over style while still permeating a visual aesthetic that is his own. Although he is well versed in all aspects of production and can be a one man crew when necessary, he prefers a more collaborative process. 

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Brian Urbina

Writer | Producer

Armed with years of experience in the entertainment industry, Brian Urbina has written and produced in all visual mediums ranging from documentaries, PSA's, feature films and commercials. He has experience in everything from small scale productions to big budget productions.

A constant provider of creative ideas he's been affiliated with several established and up and coming production companies. Combining not just entertainment but thought provoking content. He's been quoted as saying, "In our position it's not enough to entertain, we strive to engage the audience and have them feel spirited even after the credits roll."

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Jessica De La Cruz


Jessica, a native of Chicago, is a photographer with a keen eye for composition. She is well versed in digital photography as well as shooting and processing 35mm film. 

While Jessica is great at capturing moments and people, her passion lies in landscape and music photography. 


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