Aliso canyons gas leak is spurting out approximately 1000 tons of methane a day.  Not only is this causing a huge waste, but it’s causing residents in the surrounding area to experience symptoms such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, and other issues.

Ouroboros Aperture wound up going to the January 16th meeting for abatement, where a panel went over proposed actions to take against the leak. There were representatives from the So Cal Gas company, the South Coast Air Quality Management District, a lawyer, and scientist. 

At the end of the meeting the group decided they needed to delegate further to determine what the proper solution is. Some want the gas field closed down indefinitely, though the gas company considers it a valuable asset. 

It’s estimated that an approximate 3 months are left to fix the leak. A scientist at the meeting mentioned it would also take at least 3 months to determine what the emissions consequences are to health.

The gas company has claimed that the emissions have no long-term health consequences. Some argue that due to the level of benzene and mercaptans that this isn’t true. Also, methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that’s much stronger than carbon dioxide.

I’ve talked to unbiased scientists who have no leaning either way, I learned that if it takes the proposed 3 months to fix, that it’s the equivalent of destroying 10 years of ecofriendly green practices that California has established.

It’s still a developing story, and massive lawsuits are expected. Over 6,000 residents have petitioned to be relocated, which is being paid for by the So Cal Gas Company. Expect a documentary soon.