We landed in Sequoia National Park, home of over 404,000 acres of protected land. The goal was to location scout our short film entitled “Taken Apart”.  It’s a project that was difficult to write as it released a lot of raw emotions from me, and from what I’ve gathered; the people who’ve read it say it resonates. 

We ended up shooting test footage both days we were there. Once nightfall hits it becomes pitch black, where you can’t see a few feet in front of you. By setting a roaring campfire and using it as a sole light source, we managed to capture some striking footage.  

A sense of calm zen like focus hits when you’re deep in the forest. The only concerns are shelter, food, and working with the environment to help strike a balance of needs and wants. Looking up at the sky you see nothing but shining stars and the tops of the trees. It’s the perfect environment to make the story vivid. The sprawling wilderness took around 4 hours and 30 minutes to get to from Los Angeles, and the amount of lush forestry cannot be replicated anywhere closer. Each corner leads to bounds of nature and stoic wildlife. 

We took an 8 hour hike in our leisure time to get a sense of the park. There are so many areas to get lost in that our scene selections were made easy.  Now that we settled on one location, we can focus in on the other key locations.   We now have some areas locked down to where we can paint a better picture for what will be expressed visually. 

The project took some time to come together, as there were many variables. Just like any other production, you have to keep chipping away, and when you start it feels like not much is happening. Having this piece collected has reinvigorated the creativity, and it was a fine break from the logistics of filmmaking.