A while back Brian and I had the pleasure of working with Stephen Scott Day, a fellow filmmaker and friend, on one of his ideas. Here's what he had to say about it. 

In college, or maybe high school, I was inspired to make a music video primarily using blinking street lights and blinking car lights. It's something that struck me as extremely obvious, and of all the videoart groups I've browsed, I've never found something that has done what I wanted to do. The video was only an idea, and an extremely abstract one at that, so of course it took years for me to get around to doing it-- to hashing it out. I was approached by Juan to do a sort of "test video" with some new equipment, and as a way of teaching me how to operate this new camera and lens set. That was my queue to finally get that music video made. We hopped in the car, rigged up a tripod in the backseat, and drove around Los Angeles one night, shooting as many different light patterns in as many different ways as I could. The majority of the work was in post production, compositing and layering things in interesting ways to time right with the music. Though not necessary, this video is probably best experienced just before you fall asleep or while under the influence of something or both.  -Stephen