We’ve changed our short’s name to “Secrets We Keep” and we’ve handpicked 5 talented associate producers who are greatly enthused to begin. Now that we finalized the budget, hired a crowdfunding manager, and set up the general game plan for how to run this crowd funding campaign, we’re ready to work more to help make this project come to life. 

It’s been a hell of a time establishing this project and though there’s a lot of work to go, it feels like we know exactly what to do next and how to best execute it with our dedicated team. Now comes the casting, securing permits, doing daily crowdfunding duties, and making sure to stay consistent on a daily basis.

Film making is a very tedious and demanding process but with the right team it makes it easier for things to continue without there being delays or individual taking multiple roles. Working as an independent team always has the unique benefit of establishing a deep collaboration and a homegrown kind of mentality. After our initial meeting with the entire team it’s clear everyone is ready to help make this project come to life. I for one am so thrilled to finally get the momentum started so we can tell this important story.