By the time you read this our crowdfunding campaign should be up and running.  After a few months of preplanning with social media, setting up networks, reaching out to people like you and doing so much more, we feel there’s no better time than now to begin the journey. 

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It’s unique to most of our team to produce this with a crowdfunding effort and with the strength of the story itself, we feel confident it’s not just a story worth telling, but a story that people will be want to talk about . The best way to describe this is to look at it as a democratic process. Let the pubic decide if they feel it’s good enough. I feel the need to squeeze out every bit effort from myself to make sure we do our best to make this come alive.  

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Already our 7 person producing team has but in a few hours each week for a few months to make this come to reality. We have everything set up now so the biggest thing is to continue and to keep our audience updated so they know how we’re set up. Film making has come to the point where you no longer need a big studio to back it up, the public can decide for themselves if they think it’s something worth coming to life.  

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So now we begin the journey to making the Secrets We Keep something more than words on a page, we’re ready to go.  

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